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It can be difficult to keep kids of different ages occupied while camping. The following is a list of games and activities that can be easily adapted to suit all ages. Scavenger Hunts are fun and can be easily adapted to suit the age of the people playing. When playing with younger people the list can be made with pictures or using the letters of the alphabet to incorporate some learning into the game. Lists can be made easily or found on websites such as Pinterest. The campfire is a staple when camping. It is a great way to connect without technology....

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Hot Water Station.  Portable self contained hot water systems.  Perfect for group camping or high demand hot water needs.LUOOV Hot Water Station is the perfect choice for group camping, base camps, firefighting, military, natural disaster or emergency relief and decontamination, power outages, cabins or anywhere that an unlimited supply of hot water is needed.The Hot Water Station connects to any water faucet or use optional 12v pump to deliver water from a lake, stream, storage tank or even a bucket when there isn't a pressurized water source available. Sets up in seconds. Simply connect the Hot Water Station to your...

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Preparing easy camping food is not that complicated. All you need is some practical and a few camping food ideas. Visit the local open markets or the fish market, and you'll get some ideas in no time. And what is the best food to take camping? Just about anything you can think of as long as it is easy and simple to prepare. There are a few different ways to prepare food out in the nature... Gas stoves and grills are the most practical solution. You can get a single or a double burner model and hook it up either to a small disposable propane cartridge...

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