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By adding a bucket and a battery, this shower brings you all the comforts of home in the outdoors 1 2 3 4 5 Price:  $40 List | $34.99 at Amazon Pros:  Great coverage, comfortable and consistent pressure, decent battery life, easy to use Cons:  Short hose, can't empty its container, durability concerns Manufacturer:   LUOOV Products Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. 69 OVERALLSCORERANKED#4 of 12   COMFORT - 30%9.0 FUNCTIONALITY - 25%7.0 EASE OF SET UP - 20%6.0 DURABILITY -...


CampergearX Pro shower 2022 -

The LUOOV is also impressively functional, offering up 1.2 gallons per minute. This is only hampered by the size of the water-holding container you pair with it, which also will determine the length of your shower. Using a 5-gallon bucket, we found we had plenty of water for a full shower. The WaterPort Weekender is another great option, akin to having a coiled garden hose coming off the roof of your car. Just like the RoadShower, it pressurizes when filled from a hose and can be repressurized using a hand pump or air compressor.The luoov boasts a long-lasting battery and a wide showerhead.Credit: Maggie BrandenburgDifferently, the CampergearX Pro shower is also extremely functional. Its pressure depends partly on the pressure of water coming into the unit from your outdoor hose but can also be controlled by a knob on the unit's body. As it's heating the water passing through the unit, rather than a tank of stored water, you can adjust the temperature of the water coming out with near-instant results, just like your bathroom shower.