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Hot Water Station.  Portable self contained hot water systems.  Perfect for group camping or high demand hot water needs.LUOOV Hot Water Station is the perfect choice for group camping, base camps, firefighting, military, natural disaster or emergency relief and decontamination, power outages, cabins or anywhere that an unlimited supply of hot water is needed.The Hot Water Station connects to any water faucet or use optional 12v pump to deliver water from a lake, stream, storage tank or even a bucket when there isn't a pressurized water source available. Sets up in seconds. Simply connect the Hot Water Station to your...


Keep Warm With Camping Heaters -

Camping heaters are something you will obviously need when the outside temperature gets colder on your camping trip. A night out in the mountains can get quite chilly even in the summer time. And if you plan to camp around out of the warm season a heater will keep you nice and warm, well at least during the night, assuming that you'll stay outside for the rest of the day. There are many different models to choose from and you'll probably find some of them at your local stores. But the Internet is the place where you can compare different models,...