Workout Strength Battle Exercise Training Rope, 30/40/50ft Length

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Our Ropes' Features:
1.5" Diameter, Length:30ft/40ft/50ft ,Weight:7.6kg/10.2kg/12.6kg
2" Diameter, Length:30ft/40ft/50ft ,Weight:13.6kg/18.2kg/22.6kg

* Rope Thickness: 1.5"/2"
* Rope Length: 30/40/50ft
* Color: Black Rope, Dirt Resistant
* Material: 100% Polypropylene and Polyester, Wear Resistant and Durable
* 3-Strand Twisted Strong Construction
* Heat Shrink Caps on the Ends, Heavy and Appressed
* High Tensile Strength
* Can be used as climbing rope
* Comfortable handles

Battling Ropes Benefits:
* Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity.
* Increased power and strength.
* Increased power and strength for longer durations.
* Increased motivation and mental endurance.
* Increased performance in all aspects of your life.

* Easy to Grip: heat shrink cap ends help keep its shape
* Easy Maintenance: recognizable yellow tracking line for strength adjusting
* Optional: available in varied rope length and diameter for fitness levels
* Practical: for abs, arm & core strengthening, coordinating and shape building
* Versatile: used as battle rope, fitness rope, undulation rope and power training rope
* Durable & Wear-resistant: made of premium nylon
* Widely applicable: for crossfit, fitness training, athlete, boxer and sport-lover
* Clean: main black color design helps make dirt less visible