Portable Multifunction Sex Chair Sex Stool Furniture weight up to 300 pounds

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Multifunction Sex Chair, Jemor Weightless Detachable Elastic Sex Stool - Sexual Position Assistance - Adjustable Bondage Chair, Easily Assemble

The product can help you to try various sex position that you ever dreamed of, save both of you the effort, to reach orgasm more easily.

  • Multifunction Sex Chair:STABLE:It is made from high-strength TPU. Bear weight up to 300 pounds.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Bedroom Folding chair,bathroom chair,and can be used to put the computer or ipad in bed and outdoor activities.
  • Adjustable Bondage Chair,CONVENIENT:The chair is flexible,easy to clean.
  • PRACTICAL:Easy to fold,carry anywhere.
  • Portable Chair,Bedroom Bathroom Chair,Furniture Chair.SHIPMENT: Ship by UPS or DHL Express,delivered within 3-10 days.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I felt it was good and saved energy.

I had a small test of the installation. I felt it was good and saved energy. Usually put it in front of the bed and put off your clothes at night. You can't see what this is. Labor saving artifact!

Richer Li
the workmanship is exquisite

It's easy to install when it's opened, and the bandage is strong after trying. I practiced several postures according to the instructions, which was very comfortable and pleasant, and it could easily make me reach the peak. My husband felt much more relaxed and could adjust many kinds, so that I experienced a lot of satisfaction and a happy shopping. It feels great after use. I recommend it to you.

The package is private, the workmanship is exquisite, and it is very comfortable to use. It's exquisite, great and feels good

It's big, strong and easy to adjust.

It's big, strong and easy to adjust. However, it's really hard to use. It's no problem to save energy, but the material problem is not considered at all. It's easy to wear out when sitting on it.

When I bought this, my girlfriend wouldn't let me. I had to say I didn't need it. I was very shy. After I bought it, I found it really useful. My girlfriend said that it was worth buying. It saved a lot of energy and added interest to both of us. It was also of good quality and very good design. Both details and springs were very good and must be praised!

It's a good thing worthy of the name.

It's really labor-saving. It's very easy to use. I'm usually tired in five minutes. Now I'm sitting and playing.
It's a good thing worthy of the name. I tried it for the first time after receiving the goods. It's an appropriate experience to explore according to the graphic introduction. It feels great. I can feel this magical baby with my one tonight!

Mary D
it's really useful.

I can only say it's really useful. I'm most satisfied with buying so many things