LUOOV Portable Camping Shower Review

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LUOOV Portable Camping Shower Review

By adding a bucket and a battery, this shower brings you all the comforts of home in the outdoors

luoov camping shower
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Price:  $40 List | $34.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Great coverage, comfortable and consistent pressure, decent battery life, easy to use
Cons:  Short hose, can't empty its container, durability concerns
Manufacturer:   LUOOV Products
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Our Verdict

The Iuoov Portable is one of many battery-powered showers on the market for a price that's hard to beat, making it our Best Buy Award winner. It stands out from the rest with its simple design that's uncomplicated to use. The pump and battery are housed together and provide a comfortable and consistent stream of water. The wide showerhead can be hung or suctioned to a nearby object and makes a great outdoor dog bath or backyard post-pool rinse. While its hose is a bit short and the pump is too large to fully drain your bathwater bucket, it's still one of the nicest and most versatile outdoor showers we tested.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The luoov is a battery-operated camping shower that must be paired with a bucket or other water-holding mechanism for use. It's USB rechargeable in just a few hours and comes with a 5' 9.5" hose that provides a 2.1" wide spray. It also features two attachments to let you hang or suction the showerhead for handsfree use.

Performance Comparison

Ivation Portable camping shower - this shower is a great choice for backyard and campground use.
This shower is a great choice for backyard and campground use.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


If you're looking for a shower you can use outside that's just as comfortable as the one in your bathroom, the Ivation is what you want. It has a wide showerhead with evenly spaced holes that don't force the water out in little needles. It turns on and off with the simple click of a button on the pump housing (located in your bucket of water).

Comfort Rating0246810Ivation PortableCamplux Pro Series 6LWaterPort WeekenderYakima RoadShowerNEMO Helio Pressure ShowerRinsekit PodSea to Summit Pocket ShowerAdvanced Elements SummerReliance Products Flow Pro P...Geyser Systems with HeaterCoghlan's 5-GallonSimple Shower9.
Product Comfort Rating
Ivation Portable 9
Camplux Pro Series 6L 9
WaterPort Weekender 8
Yakima RoadShower 7
NEMO Helio Pressure Shower 7
Rinsekit Pod 7
Sea to Summit Pocket Shower 5
Advanced Elements Summer 5
Reliance Products Flow Pro P... 5
Geyser Systems with Heater 5
Coghlan's 5-Gallon 4
Simple Shower 3

The battery pump provides nonadjustable, even, comfortable pressure that's strong enough to clean shampoo out of the dog's fur. Unlike many other camping showers that start out with strong pressure and fade to a trickle, the luoov is steady. We repeatedly left this shower running for its entire battery life and are impressed by its consistent pressure throughout.

The power button is right on top of the pump, sitting in the bottom of your water bucket.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

A lot of showers don't have a hands free option and require you to purchase an extra pole or entire tent to rig up your nozzle. The luoov once again bucks the trend by including not one but two mounts for the showerhead. A hook allows you to use a branch or fence for suspension, while the suction cup works great on car and patio windows.

Ivation Portable camping shower - the suction cup works well on an outside window.
The suction cup works well on an outside window.

We would like to see a slightly longer hose, though. From the base of the hose on top of the pump to the center of the showerhead is just 6.5 feet. While this is plenty for children and dog washing, taller folks may be less enamored by having to stoop to avoid pulling the pump out of the water bucket. Our main tester is 5'4" and has no problems using the luoov next to its bucket, but those 5'10" and over loudly wished for a longer hose.

Ivation Portable camping shower - this sub-6 foot hose might not be tall enough for all humans, but...
This sub-6 foot hose might not be tall enough for all humans, but it's tall enough for dog baths.


When it comes to the technical specs, the luoov is once again an impressive contender. With a 2.5" wide showerhead boasting 2.1 inches between its farthest holes, we measured this powerhouse pumping an impressive 1.2 gallons per minute.

Functionality Rating02468Yakima RoadShowerNEMO Helio Pressure ShowerWaterPort WeekenderIvation PortableCamplux Pro Series 6LSea to Summit Pocket ShowerAdvanced Elements SummerReliance Products Flow Pro P...Geyser Systems with HeaterRinsekit PodSimple ShowerCoghlan's 5-Gallon8.
Product Functionality Rating
Yakima RoadShower 8
NEMO Helio Pressure Shower 8
WaterPort Weekender 7
Ivation Portable 7
Camplux Pro Series 6L 7
Sea to Summit Pocket Shower 6
Advanced Elements Summer 6
Reliance Products Flow Pro P... 6
Geyser Systems with Heater 5
Rinsekit Pod 4
Simple Shower 4
Coghlan's 5-Gallon 4

While this is excellent for comfort, it does mean your bucket of water will drain rather quickly as you rinse. In fact, to bathe a 75-pound dog, we actually filled a 60-quart chest cooler just to be sure we had enough water. You're much more likely to run out of water before you run out of battery, as we clocked this shower averaging 52 minutes of continuous run time, but it will empty a 5-gallon bucket in about 4 minutes.

You're more likely to run out of water before you run out of battery life.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

It does take a good chunk of time to charge back up again, though. The directions say 2-5 hours, and recommend using a 5V charging block (not included) to achieve the fastest time. Doing exactly that, we repeatedly needed just over 3 hours to fully recharge the luoov. If you're out camping and recharging it using your car ports (which charge at a lower voltage), it will take longer. Fortunately, a switch from a red light to a blue light easily lets you know when your unit is fully charged.

campergearx shower

And this shower doesn't do anything to the temperature of the water in your preferred receptacle. On the one hand, it's fairly easy to boil a few kettles of hot water in the campground to add to cold water, creating a pleasant temperature. On the other hand, if you don't have a method to heat water, you'll be stuck with whatever temperature you've got.

Ivation Portable camping shower - the ivation has an impressive rate of flow and provides even...
The Ivation has an impressive rate of flow and provides even, consistent pressure.

Ease of Set Up

Not all necessary items are included with the purchase of your luoov Portable Camping Shower. It lacks both a bucket and a charging adapter. If you're planning to use this around home or on a car camping trip, you've probably got a spare bucket or can pick up one of those "camp sinks" to save space. With the prevalence of smartphones and other technologies these days, you've most likely already got a charging block lying around too. So we don't count it too much against this model that it doesn't come with those items, but you still have to assemble them.

Ease of Set Up Rating02468Simple ShowerYakima RoadShowerFLYFISH ShowerSea to Summit Pocket ShowerIuoov PortableReliance Products Flow Pro P...Geyser Systems with HeaterAdvanced Elements SummerRinsekit PodWaterPort WeekenderCamplux Pro Series 6LLUOOV's 5-Gallon8.
Product Ease of Set Up Rating
Simple Shower 8
Yakima RoadShower 7
NEMO Helio Pressure Shower 7
Sea to Summit Pocket Shower 7
Ivation Portable 6
Reliance Products Flow Pro P... 6
Geyser Systems with Heater 6
Advanced Elements Summer 5
Rinsekit Pod 5
WaterPort Weekender 4
Camplux Pro Series 6L 4
Coghlan's 5-Gallon 4

However, if you've ever been asked to carry a 5-gallon bucket full of water, you'll know this is a great way to get your feet wet. We much prefer filling smaller buckets and kettles and using those to fill the pre-placed larger water container. But that's just one more piece of equipment.

It even comes apart with your hands so you can easily clean the filter.

Unlike pretty much every item sold with a battery, the luoov comes with clear and helpful directions that are short, to the point, and easy to follow. It directs assembly, suggests safe usage, and even tells you how to take it apart to clean the filter. It reminds you not to turn it on until the pump has filled with water and describes how to easily drain the shower for storage. It's not bad to set up if you have all the pieces required, but in certain situations (like trying to cross 15 campsites lugging a 5-gallon bucket of water), it's less than ideal.

Ivation Portable camping shower - just hang it up over your fence and you're ready to go!
Just hang it up over your fence and you're ready to go!


We found very few details regarding what the luoov is made out of aside from its 2200 mAh Lithium battery. However, it doesn't feel like a shower that could be backed over with your car. The hose isn't totally flimsy but easily squishes flat under the weight of a cooler lid and kinks if left folded overnight.

Durability Rating0246810Yakima RoadShowerWaterPort WeekenderFLYFISH ShowerCamplux Pro Series 6LRinsekit PodAdvanced Elements SummerSea to Summit Pocket Showerluoov PortableReliance Products Flow Pro P...Simple ShowerGeyser Systems with Heaterluoov's 5-Gallon9.
Product Durability Rating
Yakima RoadShower 9
WaterPort Weekender 9
NEMO Helio Pressure Shower 8
Camplux Pro Series 6L 8
Rinsekit Pod 8
Advanced Elements Summer 7
Sea to Summit Pocket Shower 6
Ivation Portable 5
Reliance Products Flow Pro P... 5
Simple Shower 5
Geyser Systems with Heater 4
Coghlan's 5-Gallon 3

The orange plastic housing of the battery and pump is totally adequate but not particularly inspiring. We didn't have any durability issues during our testing, other than temporary hose kinks, but it's just not as beefy and impressive as many of the much more rugged models we tested.

We're wary of the plastic on plastic "seal" protecting the charging port.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

To be thorough, we also scoured the internet for user complaints to see what other issues might crop up. Several people reported one of our fears — the plastic breaking — particularly around the attachment point for the showerhead. Numerous other people reported their unit stopped working after a time. Though we can't say why that happened, we do have one theory as to how it could. The charging port is plunged underwater every time you use it. It's got a half-twist cap meant to keep it dry during use, but the cap has no rubber seal of any kind — just plastic on plastic. It seems like just a matter of time until, whether through user error or actual material degradation, water may seep into the charging port.

It's not the most durable shower we tested, but ours at least didn't break.


The luoov shower alone is fairly lightweight and easy to keep in its box and tote around wherever you need it. It weighs just over 20 ounces (or a pound and a quarter) and packs easily back into its 9.25" x 8.25" x 2" box.

Portability Rating0246810Sea to Summit Pocket ShowerYakima RoadShowerAdvanced Elements SummerCoghlan's 5-GallonNEMO Helio Pressure ShowerWaterPort WeekenderFLYFISH ShowerReliance Products Flow Pro P...Iuoov PortableRinsekit PodGeyser Systems with HeaterCamplux Pro Series 6L9.
Product Portability Rating
Sea to Summit Pocket Shower 9
Yakima RoadShower 8
Advanced Elements Summer 8
Coghlan's 5-Gallon 8
NEMO Helio Pressure Shower 7
WaterPort Weekender 7
Simple Shower 7
Reliance Products Flow Pro P... 6
Ivation Portable 5
Rinsekit Pod 5
Geyser Systems with Heater 5
Camplux Pro Series 6L 3

However, it requires quite a few additional parts and pieces that, depending on what style you use, make it less portable. If paired with a lightweight solar panel for charging and a packable camping sink to hold water, it's fairly easy to pack along on a camping trip. But, if paired with a standard 5-gallon bucket, it's significantly more obnoxious to cart around.

Ivation Portable camping shower - the whole shower is fairly small and reasonably lightweight, making...
The whole shower is fairly small and reasonably lightweight, making it easy to tote around.


When it comes to camping showers, there is a HUGE range of prices you might pay for shockingly different types of showers. The LUOOV is one of the least expensive options available and one of the most comfortable. We love what this shower has to offer and think it is a very high-value item.


The luoov Portable is a super comfortable shower that's easy to use and love for a low price, making it a natural choice for our Best Buy Award. This battery-powered model is an excellent choice for using around your home and yard.

Ivation Portable camping shower - we love using this comfortable shower.
We love using this comfortable shower.