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Camping Gear Recommendations! Are you considering an upcoming camping trip? Consider using our useful guides to help plan your next adventure!   Taking a shower in the morning or evening is a great way to start and end your day respectively. While at the campsite, you need to have a shower set up for you to enjoy this basic luxury. When in a camping or hiking expedition, the weight and amount of gear that you carry along are always important. Therefore, you cannot carry shower gear that will take too much space at the campsite. But since your hygiene is...

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Wet Naked Polyamorous People! Did THAT get your attention? I sure hope so.This from the Department of Yucky Water Stuff...One of the perks of joining Poly Paradise is we provide community shower space for our members and provide safe and ecologically responsible wastewater management.In the past we have used Propane Powered devices, pumps and heaters to accommodate our campers shower needs. All of these systems have their failure points and need constant attention & repair throughout the week.To reduce the frustration levels all around, we have decided to return to the more traditional LUOOV Camp Shower Bag.The shower will consist of...

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Hot Water Station.  Portable self contained hot water systems.  Perfect for group camping or high demand hot water needs.LUOOV Hot Water Station is the perfect choice for group camping, base camps, firefighting, military, natural disaster or emergency relief and decontamination, power outages, cabins or anywhere that an unlimited supply of hot water is needed.The Hot Water Station connects to any water faucet or use optional 12v pump to deliver water from a lake, stream, storage tank or even a bucket when there isn't a pressurized water source available. Sets up in seconds. Simply connect the Hot Water Station to your...

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