Static Climbing Rope 9.5mm 10.5mm 12mm Robust Nylon Rock

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LUOOV Dynamic climbing rope, white with black color. Reliable robust material with simple stylish appearance. Great handling that can be knotted easily. The high strength nylon rope is designed for year-round rock climbing and is built to withstand daily heavy use. Durable and reliable,ideal for mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling, rescue and other outdoor activities

Specification: Rope diameter: Approx. 9.5 mm (0.37 inch) Total length: 50m (160 ft) Weight: Approx. 68 g/m Max bearing: approx. 2500 kg (5511 lbs) Package size: 49x31x17 cm (19.29x12.21x6.69 inch) Gross weight: 4.12 kg (9.08 lbs)

Rope diameter: Approx. 12.7 mm (0.52 inch) Total length: 50 m (160ft) Weight: Approx. 92 g/m Max bearing: approx. 3500 kg (7716 lbs) Package size: 43x43x34 cm (16.93x16.93x13.39 inch) Gross weight: 18.5 kg (40.79 lbs)

Feature: Color: White with black / ORANGE / GREEN Material: High strength nylon suitable for outdoor climbing and everyday using Not too stiff and not too soft, can be knotted easily the nylon rope is easy handling and easy to clip, feeds through your belay device with ease The low bulk, light weight made this rope the choice for many high-end endeavors, from sport to wall-in-a-day to alpine routes