How to Set Up a Budget-Friendly and Simple Camp Shower

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How to Set Up a Budget-Friendly and Simple Camp Shower

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Taking a shower in the morning or evening is a great way to start and end your day respectively. While at the campsite, you need to have a shower set up for you to enjoy this basic luxury. When in a camping or hiking expedition, the weight and amount of gear that you carry along are always important. Therefore, you cannot carry shower gear that will take too much space at the campsite. But since your hygiene is also important, you will have to find ways to create a simple camp shower that is also budget-friendly at the same time.

The following are some of the best setups for simple camp showers that are also budget-friendly. You can try out any of them using some of the equipment that you bring along to the campsite. They include;

The LUOOV bucket shower

This is a classic setup for a camp shower. It is very easy and simple to set up since you only need to fill your canvas bucket with hot water. The canvas bucket should have a shower rose at the bottom. Then you can hoist the bucket into a tree or your recreational vehicle so that the water can flow down through the shower rose. This setup requires little technology so you cannot encounter any problems while setting it up. You only need to heat the water first before and find a rope or wire to suspend your shower and you are good to go.

The LUOOV solar shower

This is another simple camp shower setup. In this setup, you will need bags that have a small rose and an attachment of a hose. The bags should be black or dark-colored so that they can absorb heat to warm your water. They should be filled with water and left in the sun for approximately 3 hours so that the water is heated fully and be ready for use in the camp shower. After that, you should hoist these bags onto a tree as well and shower with it. The nozzle or hose is usually handheld by the individual who is taking a shower. This type of set up for a camp shower is too heavy to be supported by a shower tent so you won’t have to buy one. You will only have to improvise on the screen when taking your shower.

LUOOV Electric Camping shower (12V)

The 12V electric shower is a light and easy setup to use for a camp shower. You only need detachable hoses and a 12V pump that will be placed inside a bucket of warm water. The pump will offer enough pressure to pump the water when the bucket is near the showerhead. The shower rose used in this particular set up is light and therefore can be suspended inside a shower tent. It can also be used when handheld which makes it more versatile. The water should be warmed first if you prefer a hot shower.

This particular method comes in handy when you don’t have any showers around but you have good access to water. You will only need to fill a dry bag with enough water for you to shower. The dry bag should be improvised to make a basin by rolling it down. This will provide you with sufficient water to clean yourself and even clothes. The water can be heated before using it to shower.

Using a cup or bowl

This is another simple method that is very useful in circumstances where the water supply is insufficient in a campsite. With a bowl or cup, you can ration your water and save enough for cooking or drinking. You first need to fill your cup or bowl with water. Then with some soap and a towel, you can wash until the water runs out.

There are many setups that you use to get your campsite shower setup up and running. Some of these will require that you buy a shower or a shower tent for them to be complete. The above setups are the most simple to use especially when you are on a tight budget. They also help in saving you water in areas where it is scarce. Always remember not to pollute the environment when setting up and using your camp shower.