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Hot Water Station.  Portable self contained hot water systems.  Perfect for group camping or high demand hot water needs.LUOOV Hot Water Station is the perfect choice for group camping, base camps, firefighting, military, natural disaster or emergency relief and decontamination, power outages, cabins or anywhere that an unlimited supply of hot water is needed.The Hot Water Station connects to any water faucet or use optional 12v pump to deliver water from a lake, stream, storage tank or even a bucket when there isn't a pressurized water source available. Sets up in seconds. Simply connect the Hot Water Station to your...

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Another interesting portable pressurized shower comes in the form of a battery or 12V powered water pump. Simply place the intake hose in the source of water available (river, lake or a canister) and take your shower. If you have enough room in your vehicle and a lot of people and dishes to wash, there are some tough, heavy-duty propane heaters on the market. They are really designed for base camps, cabins or any other kind of professional use. The prices go around (US$45.00). A luoov portable shower that really caught my eye is the heat exchanger kit mounted permanently in the engine compartment of...

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