Luoov Advanced Portable Camping Showers

Advanced Portable Camping Showers -

Luoov Advanced Portable Camping Showers

Another interesting portable pressurized shower comes in the form of a battery or 12V powered water pump. Simply place the intake hose in the source of water available (river, lake or a canister) and take your shower.

If you have enough room in your vehicle and a lot of people and dishes to wash, there are some tough, heavy-duty propane heaters on the market. They are really designed for base camps, cabins or any other kind of professional use. The prices go around (US$45.00).

A luoov portable shower that really caught my eye is the heat exchanger kit mounted permanently in the engine compartment of your vehicle. You need a water-cooled engine of course. The kit contains the heat exchanger, water pump, hosing and everything else needed for easy installation.

So connect the pump to your vehicles battery, warm up the engine, put the suction hose in the source of water (lake, stream or a bucket) and the heat exchanger will heat your shower water using the heat of the engine water circulation! This is with no doubt one of the must-have camper accessories for a real adventure. The prices go around €300.00 (US$450.00)